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Team Leader Renewable Energy

GFA Full-Time  Maputo, Maputo, Mozambique 6 Aug 2018

Job Description

Project description

The purpose of this contract is as follows:

  • To manage a Resource Centre with the aim to effectively respond to Technical Assistance requests by public institutions in the energy sector in Mozambique, notably MIREME, ARENE, EDM and FUNAE by means of capacity building (training), work towards an enabling environment for investment and project pipeline development.

Results to be achieved by the Contractor:

  • The Contractor is expected to manage a Resource Centre which provides expertise through a permanent team an site while facilitating the selection and recruitment of external experts from a draw down menu of expertise. This expertise is offered to public beneficiaries in the energy sector in Mozambique. The core beneficiaries include MIREME, ARENE, EDM and FUNAE. Expertise will be offered in the three thematic areas of the Resource Centre: capacity building, enabling environment and project pipeline development.

The following main results are expected to be achieved:

  • Result 1. The capacities of public institutions to exert their roles in the implementation of the Five-year Government Program (PQG 2015-2019) and of the sectoral energy policies and programmes are improved;
  • Result 2. The enabling environment to facilitate investments in renewable energy in Mozambique is improved through continuous policy advisory, legal support, technical assistance and knowledge transfer to public institutions governing the energy sector;
  • Result 3. A series of public and private investments in access to renewable energy related activities in line with the Five-year Government Program (PQG 2015-2019) are supported to reach maturity level of financial close, namely: (a) on-grid generation (small and medium scale), transmission and distribution, and energy efficiency; (b) small scale renewables and off-grid electricity access projects.

Job description

The Team Leader will have amongst other the following responsibilities:

  • Establish the Resource Centre at M1REME to deal mainly with institutional and capacity building issues at EDM, FUNAE, MIREME and ARENE and to support the preparation, tender and realization of technical studies for projects;
  • Establish a permanent internal, technical and financial Monitoring and Evaluation system for the action;
  • In line with reporting obligations, provide an accurate account of the status of implementation of the action, including reporting on difficulties encountered, changes introduced, as weil as the degree of achievement of its results (outputs and direct outcomes) as measured by corresponding indicators;
  • Collaborate with public institutions, with GET.Invest, with ESWG, with the active donor community and other relevant stakeholders (including NGOs) on management, administrative, and implementation issues of the PPF Resource Centre;
  • Actively respond to third parties’ request for TA support in the areas of Capacity Building, Enabling Environment, Project Development, and assist potential beneficiaries with preparing proposals (including output definition, budget) requesting the RC for support;
  • Provide Technical assistance to eligible beneficiaries of PPF Resource Centre support in (one of the) three support areas. This will include preparing and carrying out studies, trainings, organising workshops);
  • Organise the recruitment of external short-term expertise for providing Technical Assistance to eligible beneficiaries on behalf of the Resource Centre (this includes providing support to beneficiaries in writing Teens of Reference, defining tender documents, initiating the tender procedure and assist with procurement and contracting, monitoring), and supervise implementation of this short-term expertise;
  • Review methodologies, progress reports and deliverables of short term technical assistants (consultants);
  • Manage all aspects of Resource Centre management including but not limited to writing of the annual work plan, performance monitoring plan, output documentation, report preparation and budget management;
  • Organize and document outcomes of the PPF Resource Centre activities through publications, newsletters and updating a dedicated website.


  • University degree in Energy, Energy and Policy, Electrical Engineer, Economics, Business Administration or directly related discipline;
  • Ability to fluently comrnunicate in English, verbally and in writing. Minimum Cl level;
  • The following will be considered an advantage;
  • Ability to fluently communicate in Portuguese, Spanish or Italian, verbally and in writing, will be considered an asset;
  • Financial control and financial management skills;
  • Strategie programme design and implementation skills;
  • Good inter-personal and communication skills.

General professional experience:

  • At least 15 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience as a team leader, programme manager or/and M&E expert;
  • Working experience in developing countries will be an advantage.

Specific professional experience:

  • At least I0 years (Preferred 15) of proven experience in working in the fields of (renewable) energy off-grid and/or on grid application fields;
  • At least 4 years (Preferred 8) of proven experience with advising govemment entities on energy policy reforms, legal/regulatory frameworks and/or providing related Technical Assistance;

The following will be considered an advantage:

  • Experience in all stages of development of renewable energies (hydro, wind, solar, geothermal, biomass) as well as in rural electrification;
  • Experience in pre-feasibility, feasibility and technical studies for RE development and in actual project planning and commissioning;
  • Experience in Energy Project Financing;
  • Knowledge and experience deploying decentralised off-grid renewable energy solutions (i.e. solar, cook stoves).